The Rejected podcasts are so wonderfully cringe, you can almost feel the subjects squirming as they recount their shame for our amusement. And amusing it is.
— Jason, Hackney
Rejection, thy name is a podcast

Pardon the cringing pun.

But then again, if you’re not into cringing-by-proxy, then maybe don’t listen to this. What you’ll about to hear are stories that can be awkwardly cringe-worthy (I’m talking Chrissy Teigen meme levels) when they’re not laugh-out-loud funny.

To me, this podcast is a reminder that people will epically fail at being people, at being in relationships and at engaging with this world as an adult (which they’re often expected to). But that’s fine. It’s the bottom line of it. The world doesn’t suddenly stop revolving if you get romantically rejected twice daily, or if you break up with someone over how they cook eggs. And it’s reassuring to know that, in a society driven by social media perfection, some have the honesty to be imperfect on tape.
— Julie
Your podcast is so great, I love listening to each episode!
— Mother, doesn't speak English
Humanly appealing and funny

It’s that kind of thing that you identify with, no matter who you are. Plus, I love the music that finds its way throughout the episodes and Maria is my kind of funny. Have a listen and convince yourself that I am, but, not lying. ;) Cheerios!
— thisnickbetternotbetaken
I stumbled across this after running into an ad on OKCupid. Lost and trying to figure out love had led me onto similar podcasts (Modern Love, Love Me) etc. This podcast is a completely different take; it makes rejection OK, which is both comforting and uplifting.

Despite the presenter’s humility, the standard of story telling is very high and the production better than most amateur podcasts. Keep up the good work!
— Chrismuktar