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Episode 4 - Museum of Failure

Episode 4 - Museum of Failure

Why are we so afraid to fail, and why do we so often let our failures define us? Hear what the founder of the Museum of Failure has to say about it in our fun interview from June. Museum tour included!

Exciting stuff: Rejected goes to Sweden

Have you heard about the Museum of Failure

If you haven't, here's the story: Dr. Samuel West wanted to show that failure is a normal part of innovation. So he gathered sixty-something of the world's best (worst?) failed innovations and put together a museum. And it. Went. Viral. 

I loved the idea so much that I immediately wrote to Samuel West and asked if he'd meet with me to talk about the museum. And guess what! I'll be touring the museum and recording an interview with him at the end of June, in the lovely city of Helsingborg.

Hell yeah.