Episode 9 - Better Endings

Episode 9 - Better Endings, illustration by Paula Rusu

Episode 9 - Better Endings, illustration by Paula Rusu


Hey, can you believe it's been a year since I launched this podcast? Pfft. I can't. Someone pinch me, please. Because it's way past midnight and I'm falling asleep at my desk.

Here we are, a year later, with a brand new episode featuring the talented comedian and writer Rosie Wilby. Plus a quick look back at the first ever episode and how that actually changed a teeny part of two people's lives.

And yes, I did just high five myself.


Loads of exciting things are happening with Rejected this year, and believe me, it hurts to not tell you guys about them. I can, however, tell you about the Rejected Hotline, which is probably the only number you can call that hasn't had enough of your stories of rejection. And it comes with a pretty cool identity too. As for the other exciting announcements, I guess you'll have to listen to the show.




Haven't listened to the first episode yet? Here it is.

Here's the song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that I referenced. Also, if you're not familiar with this show already, stop everything you're doing and go binge it now. I mean it.

Listen to Rosie's podcast The Break-up Monologues

Or watch her TEDx talk based on her book here

If you'd like a copy of her book, check out the giveaway I talk about at the end.

And please give Paula a round of applause for the awesome illustrations she created for this show <3



The song is My place by Mickey Blue (licensed)

The theme song is She's a Rejecter by Of Montreal


Have a bangin' Valentine's Day,




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