Episode 8 - Christmas Special



If you’ve ever been broken up with around Christmas, you know that it sucks. Big time. And if you’ve been on the other side of it, you know it doesn’t get easier either.

But what is it about Christmas that makes us suddenly doubt our relationships? It must be serious, considering that December 11 is the year’s biggest day for break-ups, and half of the articles you see around this time are all about surviving a break-up over the Christmas break.

To get to the bottom of this, I exchanged seats with the people who've seen it all: therapists. And you'll be hearing from not one, but three! June Brogan is the CEO of Relate West and Mid-Kent, and a relationship counsellor with over 15 years of experience. Luisa Hoque is an independent therapist who works with adults, couples and young people in London. And Monika McIntosh is a independent therapist who counsels couples and individuals at Bellenden Therapies in pretty Peckham.

I hope you'll find these conversations as fun and insightful as I did. You’ll hear their theories on why Christmas puts an unprecedented pressure on our relationships, a few ideas on how to avoid falling into the same traps over and over, and loads of hope for the new year. And a few dumb jokes, because hey, that's who I am.

And since this episode is encouraging us to take stock of where we are, I wanna thank you for supporting Rejected this year and for dropping everything you're doing right now to listen to the latest episode. You're awesome. And your face looks nice today. 


The song is Christmas All The Time by Explosive Ear Candy (thank you!) 

The theme song is She's a Rejecter by Of Montreal