Episode 1 - Just Friends



Here it is, episode one of Rejected.


It only took... 2 months? So thank you for waiting. And thank you for encouraging me to keep going. And for all the compliments you're going to shower me with as soon as you finish listening to this episode. (I kid, I kid. But, really, don't forget to let me know what you think about it, okay?)

You will hear two stories about friendzoning. The first one comes from Ash, who talks about the first time she's been rejected, although it's not really your typical story of romantic rejection.

And the second one comes from, well, me. I talk to one of my dearest friends, Catalin, about the time he rejected me a few years back. It's the first time we spoke about it properly, which makes the interview extra-special. 

Enough rambling. I hope you find the time to listen to it on your Easter holiday, and I hope you enjoy it. I certainly had the best time working on it (except for all the anxiety, overthinking and crippling self-doubt).