Episode 2 - Challenges

You'd think making a second episode would be easier than the first. Well, think again. 


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But here it is, episode two of Rejected, and here's why I think you should listen to it right now:

  1. The first story is one of the best things I've ever heard. Honestly.
  2. The second act is full of great little moments I couldn't have planned for. It's fucking delightful.
  3. There's a killer song off a brand new album coming out June 2.
  4. I worked my ass off to get it done on time. And it's a week late. 
  5. Please. 

Thank you Jason and Ciaran for being on this episode, you've been a pleasure to talk to. You can follow Ciaran's challenges on his website or YouTube channel.

And thank you so much to all you wonderful people for listening and going through the trouble of telling me what you think about this podcast. Keep it coming.  





Fuck This by Conor Murphy

She's a Rejecter by Of Montreal