Episode 7 - Creativity


Apologies for screaming. I'm excited. Exhausted, but excited. Ex... sauted? Nevermind.


November has been tough, guys. I started a new job (yay), which reminded me how tough it is come home and work on the podcast after 8, but more like 12-14 hours of overthinking and stressing there (nay). I also learned a very important lesson: backing up on at least 3 devices is crucial. I lost an interview I was relying on and was very fond of in a random Adobe Audition crash. After about a week on the verge of insanity, I had to let it go. Which meant no episode this month. Crap.


But things have a funny way of working out. Because soon after my lovely creative directors from the agency I was previously working at (referred to as The Voldemort Agency on the show, because... oh, you get it) called me up to say they were available to be on the podcast. Hooray for Rae and Craig! So we grabbed some wine, took over a fancy meeting room at the Ogilvy hq, and spent about 3 hours rambling about rejection and what it's like to face it on a daily basis as a creative. 


This is a great conversation to listen to regardless of what you do for a living. As I say on the podcast, everyone is creative. And when you pour your heart into creating something so personal, you expect some recognition. Fireworks. Applause? At least a statue. But things don't really work like that. And that rejection stings - for some even more than romantic rejection. 

Rae, Craig and I discussed the dynamic of the creative team: what happens when two people with different backgrounds and views put their heads together. How they learn to better reject each other's ideas, or how to signal when the way they've been rejected has actually hurt them. Or, even better, how to work together to reject something bigger... like the band Nickelback. And soooo much more.

So go on, press play and enjoy. And, as always, let me know what you think.


The song is Happy Day People by Pisces (thank you!) 

The theme song is She's a Rejecter by Of Montreal





PS: If you're starting out in advertising and think I could be of any help, feel free to drop me a line at therejectedpodcast@outlook.com