Episode 5 - How to Fail

I know what you're thinking. It's been a while. And now that a new episode is finally out, you want the wait to be worth it. You want your mind blown. Because who goes away for a full two months and doesn't come back with anything worthwhile, right?

Well, buckle up. Because the new episode might just blow your socks off. Yup, this one right here.


First, let me introduce you to Barney. Barney's great. He writes a blog about how to gain financial independence, and he also teaches a few classes at The School of Life here in London. He wears a kick-ass military jacket and, most importantly, he didn't show any sign of annoyance when I mispronounced Steven Pinker's name during our interview. Yeah, I totally said Pincher. Let's collectively roll our eyes before we move on.

Barney Whiter

That's a picture of Barney at the School of Life, taken right after his class. Everyone had left, so we hung back to catch up and talk about how different everyone in the audience was. I learned that I score 23 on the conscience test, which makes me pretty terrible at failure. So please like this episode and give my conscience a break, okay?

I also learned that everyone in the room was pretty terrified of failing at something. A very sweet woman was scared of failing to raise her children well, as she was rocking her smiling little boy in her arms. She seemed to be doing alright to me. A guy was struggling with making his parents proud by choosing his own path in life, while another woman was trying to make sense of whether her friends were right to consider her a failure because she didn't push herself more, even though she was perfectly happy where she was. 

If you think about it, it is often through your failures that you learn. It’s quite easy for us to slip into a comfortable existence, in a comfortable groove. Failure is a catalyst. It forces people to make changes in their lives.
— Barney Whiter

We've all got our stories, and Barney was kind enough to share some of his on the podcast. We spoke about loads of things, like how our parents shape our first ideas of failure to how the media isn't doing us any favours. We dived into religion and spirituality, and did a little bit of time travel to Ancient Greece to discuss the tragic drama. I made a few stupid jokes, but mostly I like to think I made a good interviewer. Oh, you think so as well? Thank you.

Well, I think that's enough typing for now. You've got about 50 minutes of pure smarts to listen to, so I better split. As always, let me know what you think about the episode - it only helps this show improve. And it makes me feel a little loved too.


The theme song is She's a Rejecter by of Montreal

The second song is Orange Juice by Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures (what a song! thank you Fika Records for allowing me to play it)